Commercial Testimonials


101 Alma, Condominium Building

101 Alma
 “The project was a success! Her decorative vision for these rooms was tasteful and inviting. Her choice of fixtures and finishes were well received. There is no question that as a result of this work there is added value to the property. We have received many positive comments from the residents and visiting real estate agents. I believe one of Lucile’s strengths is the attention she gives to her clients. Her willingness and ability to work with many association members and various committees was outstanding. She was able to positively interact with the members who offered suggestions. Her presence during the coordination of the work and construction was instrumental in keeping the project on schedule. she is a team player. Lucile worked very well with our architect and the outside contractors. Her ability to communicate with all the hired professionals helped the project run smoothly. I would highly recommend Lucile Glessner for design work, as she is highly capable and always willing to work with her clients to achieve the best possible result.” Doug Greene general manager of the palo alto condominium owner’s association                                                                                                                        
“Lucile is an exceptionally creative professional who brought new ideas and perspectives to our project. She deftly managed multiple constituents and opinions to arrive at a solution that met our short and long term needs. The project came in on time and we’ve been thrilled with the results.”
Ed Jimenez
Resident and remodeling committee member


Arena Solution

Arena Solution
“Lucile provided design expertise to arena when we moved to our new headquarters this summer. We wanted our new space to reflect the company’s culture and values without being too trendy or pricey. Lucile was able to filter our varied design tastes, expertly balance our budget requirements and help manage the many vendors involved. she did it all with an infectious charm that made her feel like part of the family. I recommend her without reservation and hope to work with her again in the future.”        Jan Russo Senior Director of Human Resources at Arena Solutions                                                                                                   “We were extremely lucky to meet and work with Lucile. After interviewing her on May 13, 2013, we knew we had the right partner for our relocation. Under her guidance, we quickly converted a 22,000 square foot “diamond in the rough” sublease into an outstanding headquarter office. Budget conscious, quick decision making, and effective use of technology made the process smooth and enjoyable for our July 15, 2013 occupancy. The build-out under Lucile’s careful eye made our job easier and our employees love the result. ”                                                                 Ken Bozzini Chief Financial Officer


“Lucile was great to work with in connection with designing and decorating our new office. She faced a very challenging assignment that involved a limited budget and a large design committee with strong and differing opinions. She did a very good job of managing the process and accommodating the various viewpoints. She was able to come up with ideas that look great and stayed at or below our budget. Her aesthetic sense is fantastic. she regularly went above and beyond her assignment in terms of the effort she put in. We would not have had as great a result without her extraordinary efforts” John Hollingsworth Partner, GCA Law Partners LLP


Sereno Logo

“Lucile did an AMAZING job on the design elements for our new office! We love the colors, finishes and her overall commitment to making this space perfect! Thank you, Lucile!”   Barbara Yocke Cole


“I started working with Lucile in 2014 when she was in the first stages of designing an office remodel for our space in Palo Alto. The project was divided into a few phases, so I had the pleasure of working with Lucile for about two years. She is very communicative, detail-oriented, and dependable. She was quick at making changes to the design when it came to our budget, and the finished product is a beautiful work of art. Lucile created something really fun and functional for us, with some really cool statement items that visitors are always amazed by (including the cool bi-plane that hangs from the ceiling!). I would definitely recommend Lucile to anyone looking to redefine their office space; she has great contacts in the Bay Area and will certainly work very hard to create something you’ll love.” Leah Cernosek


“Working with Lucille is a real pleasure, as a customer, and as a collaborator. Her insight, intuition, and creativity are invaluable for projects of any style, or genre. She is very comfortable with minimalist/modern themes, as well as more classical designs. Lucille brings very strong international sensibilities, from Japan, to Paris, to all of her work. I am especially impressed with Lucille’s ability with color. I am continually pleased with her choices every time I walk into my offices.”                 William Brown