Residential Testimonials

Hiring Lucile Glessner as a designer was one of the best decisions I made for our project, and I recommend her wholeheartedly. Our project involved a complete house re-build. Lucile Glessner helped us accomplish a beautiful finish, harmonizing the architecture and interior design. We could not have done it without her. Some of her critical contributions included: -Exquisite designer with an uncanny ability to understand a client’s sensibility, guide it and realize it. We have received multiple compliments to our design which are to her credit. -Extensive network of suppliers and vendors, from cabinet makers to lighting supplies and everything in between, she can get the best value hands down across the many, many purchases (too many to track) we made for the house. -Very knowledgeable on sustainable / green building practices with experience (she knows what works) that brings a lot of clarity as to how what makes sense to do in this area. -Detailed project management, responsiveness and meet-the-deadline attitude. She knows what’s going to be needed when, is a step ahead when needed and ready at an instant when a decision needs to be made. She stays involved through the design-construct-source-install process keeping everyone informed and staying on top of what’s needed when. Finally, as projects get complicated and difficulties sometimes arise, Lucile is the ultimate professional, able to work through challenges to find solutions that meet budget, design, timeline and construction requirements. Lucile is a pleasure to work with! Laura Garcia-Manrique
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“I found Lucile Glessner through a referral in May 2011, just after buying our new house in Portola Valley. The structure is a loft-like, open-plan, rustic design with very high ceilings and lots of light. To say the least, it is very different from the traditional center-hall styles I had inhabited to date. I needed a lot of help. I chose Lucile over others I met with because I really liked her energy, personality and complete lack of snobbery. This said, I also selected her because I knew she would challenge me the most. She did not just tell me what I wanted to hear in that first meeting (or ever afterward.). She was honest about what things would transfer well and which things would have to retire. Most importantly, she took me seriously when I asked her to educate my eye. I do not move and design a home very often, so I really wanted this to be an educational and developmental experience for me. She really delivered. She did not give me her taste; she educated and developed mine. Lucile made me take risks. I got better and better at this and am so much happier with the result than if I had worked with someone who let me play it safe. The scope of our project involved a kitchen re-design, fireplace rehab, new lighting, new doors/fixtures, build-out and design of 7 closets, sound system integration, and complete interior design/art consultation using both old and new pieces. The result exceeds every expectation I could have had. Here is why: –Creative Vision. My home looks nothing like anything that I saw in Lucile’s portfolio of past work. This tells me that she is constantly pushing herself to discover new approaches to design and be inspired by the space at hand. This said, she also leverages her experience. She knew what materials would work well; she knew how to analyze the space flow and lighting patterns; she is technically adept with CAD software, which let us experiment (cost-free) with various ideas; she favors things that are both “simple and unique.” And, that is how my house turned out: utterly simple and totally unique. –Unbelievable Resources and Project Partners. (Yes, I can actually say I LOVED the contractor Lucile brought into this project, which must be pretty rare given the stories one hears.) All of the people Lucile brought in to help with the project were superb, talented and fun to work with. The fabricator built a gorgeous stone hearth to Lucile’s specs. A local metal-working artist created a coffee table from old wood and copper cladding. Two assistants helped with everything, including a wall-sculpture for the hall from old batik presses (designed by Lucile.) All of the artists she exposed me to and the out-of- the-way resources she showed me are integral to her professional practice and truly wonderful. (I still cackle with glee over the closet design specialist Lucile brought in….she created wonderful, elegant storage spaces using her own skills and an economical materials source that will be my secret forever, mainly because no one who sees them would believe it.) –Efficiency. Lucile was efficient in two ways. First was with time. I hired her in Mid-May and was moved in, with all major construction and design done, by June 30. The second was with money. Lucile’s professional model is well-thought through and delivers real value. It is a cliché to say that I saved a lot by working with her, but it is true. Beyond cost savings, Lucile also knew where to splurge for impact and where to cut corners and be extra-creative. We did at least twice as much as planned and still stayed on budget. This was a true collaboration with a gifted partner and one of the best personal experiences I have had. Congratulations and many thanks to Lucile!” Marta Josephson
“We worked with Lucile and Eve this past year renovating our first home. We were home owners to a very old eichler built in 1950. We decided to work with Lucile because she had prior experience designing eichlers, and we were impressed with her overall vision. We knew that we wanted to keep the mid century modern look and feel,and we wanted to highlight the architecture that made our eichler so beautiful. After meeting with Lucile and Eve, we were impressed with their team work, Lucile’s knowledge and design ideas, and how responsive Lucile and Eve were to our design questions and ideas. Lucile and Eve honestly made our renovation come to a reality. The interior of the house is almost complete, and our house looks and feels like the home we always dreamed about. We can’t wait to raise our children in our new home.”

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