"the project was a success! her decorative vision for these rooms was tasteful and inviting. her choice of fixtures and finishes were well received. there is no question that as a result of this work there is added value to the property. we have received many positive comments from the residents and visiting real estate agents. i believe one of lucile's strengths is the attention she gives to her clients. her willingness and ability to work with many association members and various committees was outstanding. she was able to positively interact with the members who offered suggestions. her presence during the coordination of the work and construction was instrumental in keeping the project on schedule.

she is a team player. lucile worked very well with our architect and the outside contractors. her ability to communicate with all the hired professionals helped the project run smoothly.

i would highly recommend lucile glessner for design work, as she is highly capable and always willing to work with her clients to achieve the best possible result."

doug greene

general manager of the palo alto condominium owner's association